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Photobashing Experiment

A rough photobashing experiment done for my thesis over the subject.

All images used are either taken by me, or free to use for such work.

Noah Bradley's Photo Reference Megapack in particular was an excellent package for study, reference and photobashing, check it out at:

Teemu husso wip photobash thesis 150418

Final image

Teemu husso photobashing 01

Process Image 01 - Thumbnailing

Teemu husso photobashing 02

02 - Continuing the thumbnail that seemed to be the most fitting for this image

Teemu husso photobashing 03

03 - Starting off with a photo that had lots of similar elements as well as a nice shadowy lighting going on

Teemu husso photobashing 04

04 - Ended up only taking the roof from the first image, although that lighting scheme still stood in my mind

Teemu husso photobashing 06

05 - Building up the base by piecing up multiple images, picking up some desirable features

Teemu husso photobashing 07

06 - The canvas is filled with photo material as a base. Now to head off into details.

Teemu husso photobashing 09 10 11

07 - Some of the numerous tests and attempts that only amounted to some knowledge over what will not work for this piece

Teemu husso photobashing 11

08 - Building the cottage

Teemu husso photobashing 12

09 - An example of how a single photo element, in this case a tree, can sometimes travel a long way before finding its place

Teemu husso photobashing 13

10 - Some lighting experiments

Teemu husso photobashing 14

11 - Switched to hand-painting every now and then, mostly to sketch things out that'd later on be covered with photo textures if necessary

Teemu husso photobashing 15

12 - More lighting experiments. Decided to add some much needed interest and contrast to the piece by lighting up the cottage

Teemu husso photobashing 16

13 - Adding more details and mixing up some photos of varying biomes to make things more interesting and fantasy-esque

Teemu husso photobashing 18

14 - More lighting experiments. Trying out some more interesting stuff with lighting and light sources

Teemu husso photobashing 19

15 - Decided to add a character into the piece, inspired by this fisherman. I didn't really bother to change the clothing much to something more fitting, I was more interested about the silhouette and mood

Teemu husso photobashing 20

16 - Adding some final lighting adjustments and details