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When Nature Awakes

Traveler's Journal:

"It began as increasing earthquakes near one of the Earthen Shrines. We didn't think of it too much, the mountain folk are used to occasional tremors. One day, the sheer violence of the shaking forced us to evacuate away from the mountain in fear of larger landslides.

The second day of our travel, the ground still vibrated, we didn't get much sleep that night.

All of a sudden during the third day of our journey, it all went calm, as if someone had blown out a candle. And that was the last time I heard the sounds of nature. Several explosive booms ruptured my ears while my hands were tied to the straps of my rucksack. The whole face of the mountain started moving, and rose up towards the sky. The explosions were heard far and wide through Aeternia, to tell that something had awakened."

Part of my personal Tales of Aeternia fantasy world project.